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Miyagawa | Yamada Noburu by kenketsu Miyagawa | Yamada Noburu by kenketsu

• P r o f i l e 

[ n a m e ] Yamada Noburu
[ n i c k n a m e ] Nobu
[ g e n d e r ] Male
[ a g e ] 16 || September 12
[ h e i g h t ] 1,87m || 6'1ft ( Still growing ! )

[ g r a d e ] 2nd Year ( 2 - B )
[ r e s i d e n c e ] Dorms ( 3 - D )
[ c l u b ] Cooking

• About

[ b i o g r a p h y ] 
Noburu grew up in a loving family, even if mom could be a bit strict sometimes. Dad was always there, a calm yet strong man he will always look up to. Because both of them were always there, Noburu allowed himself to be fragile, knowing they would always pick the pieces back up-- even over little things like someone pointing out the mole under his right eye.

That was, of course, until his father fell ill. No doctor could tell what was wrong with him, and the more time passed, the more the man's life disintegrated on a hospital bed.
He was ten when he passed away.
Although the loss hurt him deeply, ever since then, he's done his best not to cry anymore. Living by his father's last words, "Every morning is a blessing", he started wearing smiles for his mother-- and although they were forced at first, soon they were able to feel them in their hearts again. He started filling in for everything his father did before passing away, making sure his loss wouldn't affect their daily lives.

The best cure for a broken heart is a warm smile.

It was six years after the greatest event in his life took place that he felt strong enough to make a single big decision by himself. Although he would've rather stay next to his mother for as long as he could, it was also time he started growing up-- which is why he enrolled into Miyagawa.

Though he was a bit homesick at first, especially since he was all alone in his dorm, it didn't take long for him to feel at home. The atmosphere was warm, not to mention the cherry blossoms looked beautiful when he first arrived-- soothing his need to go back.

He'd already been around for a while when he first met Yuuta. Although at first he wouldn't really talk about it, he knew there was something Yuuta was hiding-- and soon enough, after Yuuta had promised to go visit him every day, he found it it was mainly because he was having trouble with his big brother, Rui.
A strong bond was quick to form. It didn't take long before he found himself living with Yuuta in his previously lonely dorm-- and after nights of holding him and humming for him to help him sleep...
He realized he'd fallen for him more than he ever thought he would.

Although things between Yuuta and Rui seem to be fine now, Yuuta continues to live with Noburu.
... Especially after he returned his feelings.

[ p e r s o n a l i t y ] 
Kind | Bubbly | Distracted | Optimistic | Gullible | Selfless | Open Minded | Obedient | Slow
Noburu is always one to try to be the best he can be, which usually shows in his kindness towards others as well as his selflessness. He tries to be a stable pillar others could rely on, and always remains optimistic before every problem brought before him.
He often forgets about caring for himself, however, which is why he still hasn't tended to his low grades. He doesn't often have to deal with problems himself, but when he does, he tries his best to keep them to himself-- if asked about it, though, he will be unable to lie.

He is mostly seen smiling, even when he's by himself. Always humming and muttering things to himself as he goes about life, he tends to be a bit detached from his surroundings, focusing instead in whatever pretty thought is going through his head. This leads him to be distracted as well as a bit slow. He is easy to manipulate, too, since he always sees the best in people and assumes honesty comes first.

Despite being against breaking rules himself, Noburu tries his best not to say anything about it when someone else is doing it. Even if your actions could've bothered him, he will try his best to understand the reason behind it and won't oppose you-- unless these actions directly involved him.

• Other

[ l i k e s ]
✓ Yuuta;
whom he's lucky to call his boyfriend ♥
✓ Cinnamon the Cat
   the kitten they rescued and kept
✓ Scarves
   they keep his neck warm
✓ Cooking
   it's a plus he's good at it
✓ All foods
   no food should go to waste !
✓ Horror movies
   a little thrill never hurt anyone, right ?
✓ Hugs and cuddles
   little displays of affection that bring hearts closer together
✓ Cleaning
   there's a nice feeling to keeping things tidy and organized
✓ Doing as he's told
   always been one to follow rather than building his own path 

[ d i s l i k e s ]
✗ Butterflies
   the epitome of evil
✗ Fights
   can't we all get along ?
✗ Getting into trouble
   the guilt will follow for weeks

[ o t h e r ]

- He used to help his mom with a little grocery store she owned by carrying heavy boxes around ever since he was small, which gave him his muscular build.
- He can't take the idea of someone being mad at him, or someone disliking him. It kind of destroys him inside and he'll grow desperate to figure out what he's done wrong.
- Works part time at a funfair. He's the guy in the doggy suit.
- Him and Yuuta found a kitty on a rainy day and they couldn't find it in their hearts to leave it out there. They took him in and keep him hidden in their dorm. They named him Cinnamon.
- Needs glasses for screens and reading.
- Despite his bubbly self, he adores horror movies and games. Specially the ones featuring ghosts, which he does believe in.
- Terrified of butterflies. His mother told him he was once locked in a room with one when he was a baby and wouldn't stop crying.
- Wears scarves because he gets cold easily. His neck is a sensitive spot.
- Sometimes stops outside the music room just to listen to other students play. He really appreciates music.
- He's not good at many things, so when he found out he was good at cooking, he didn't want to stop.
- Believes food can make people happy, which is why he likes cooking for others so much.
- Doesn't think sexual orientation is something people should really have to think about. Love just strikes you when it was to.
- He smells like peaches.
- His scarf pattern is that of the school so that he doesn't go against the dress code too much. He doesn't like breaking rules.
- Voice: KanzentaiCell
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