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Tachikawa | Akitaka Nozomi by kenketsu Tachikawa | Akitaka Nozomi by kenketsu

[ n a m e ] Akitaka, Nozomi
[ n i c k n a m e ] Nozi-onichan (as given by younger siblings) || Nozo-tan (as given by older sister)

[ g e n d e r ] Male
[ s e x u a l i t y ] Demisexual || Gray-Asexual
[ a g e] 17 || March 18
[ z o d i a c . s i g n ] Pisces 
[ b l o o d . t y p e ] A

[ g r a d e ] 3rd
[ d o r m i t o r y ] Tamagawa
[ c l u b ] Archery

[ l i k e s ]
✓ Bubblegum; always carries a packet with him (cherry is his favorite)
✓ Pastel Colors; tends to wear them when out of his school uniform
✓ Photography; doesn't own a professional camera, but goes about using his phone
✓ Retro; hence his phone and the Keroberos plush
✓ Art; though he's not good at it himself, he admires it
✓ Anime + manga; a little treat for his after-study break
✓ People shorter than him; it makes him feel better about his height
✓ Sweets; though bubblegum is his favorite, he also likes other sweets
✓ Winter; likes being able to wear scarves, boots and sweaters
✓ Stars; clear starry nights should be treasured
✓ Junk food; easy to get and amazing flavor (chicken nuggets especially)
✓ Doing-nothing; doesn't mind jut sitting and staring blankly into space, gives him time to think
✓ Cats; his favorite animal
[ d i s l i k e s ]
✗ His height; a bit self-conscious about it, though he's already used to people pointing it out
✗ Ill-mannered people; impoliteness because of ignorance
✗ Texts; he doesn't really mind them much, but dislikes it when people keep texting despite having someone right next to them
✗ Exam periods; gets a bit cranky because he focus most of his attention on studying
✗ Party animals; tries not to get too involved with them
✗ Alcoholic drinks + Smoking; doesn't really see what's so fun about it
✗ Sexual individuals; other than not really being interested, would rather think going that far is something to be saved up for someone special
✗ Dentist; the biggest enemy for a sweet-loving guy
✗ Veggies; healthy food is a no-go
[ p e r s o n a l i t y ] 
Serious || indifferent || air-headed
Mostly seen as a serious individual that remains indifferent to the things that go on around him, rarely ever changing his expression. He seems mostly uninterested and cold, and tends to drive people away because of it.
Truth is, however, he's truly spacing out at least 80% of the time, while the other 20% is saved up for studying. He isn't really one to crave for attention, which is why he's stuck with this image of himself, but he really wouldn't mind having a few relationships here and there.

Well-mannered || gentle || soft-spoken
Well educated at home, he was always taught to be as much of a gentleman as he can be. Despite his seeming indifference, he will always give a curt nod to greet whoever makes eye contact with him, as well as holding doors open for people, amongst other things.
He's never spoken a single foul word, even if they had run through his mind before. He's careful with his choice of words, which might make him a little slow when talking.

Idealistic || spiritual || naive
Has an idealized version of what life's meaning is, and likes to believe everything and everyone is connected to each other somehow. He does, however, also have an idealized version of what human behavior should be like, and tends to frown at those who do not follow his pattern, making him naive.
Though he's never spoken against anyone and lives under the motto "live and let live", he still has to learn to accept other's different life approaches a bit more openly.

Reserved || honest || loyal
Doesn't remember the last time he talked about himself to anyone. He is able to uphold a conversation, but he tends to be much more comfortable when the other party does most of the talking, leaving him to listen.
Once he's made a bond with someone, however, despite remaining quiet and reserved, he will be one of the most loyal followers. He will be honest if he sees the other party is not doing the right thing, but will support them none the less.

[ b i o g r a p h y ]
Kindergarten || Preschool
Nozomi's life was, in its entirety, a very calm one. Preschool was no exception to the rule.
Though he was always a bit lacking in facial expressions due to being a bit timid, he managed to befriend a few kids his age.
At this point, his older sister by 5 years, Tomoe, was going through her last Elementary school year. Whenever their parents had to work late hours, she was the one to take care of Nozomi.
They had a strong bond despite their sibling-fights, mostly sparked by Tomoe's taunts.

Elementary School
Growing a bit more independent, Nozomi was now able to fend for himself whenever it was necessary. Kept his friends from preschool as he moved towards Elementary school.
His older sister became more busy as she reached Middle school, meaning there was less time for them to talk-- as well as there being less things in common between them.
It was at this point that Hiroto was born, too, adding a new member to the family.
Middle School || Junior High
Hanako was born during this period, giving Nozomi a total of two younger siblings. Though he mostly found them annoying, he still loved them dearly.
Moving from elementary school to Junior High was a bit harder than he'd expected, especially since some bullying attempts were made against him due to his high grades as well as searching for a reaction [subsequently making him withdraw more despite being left alone soon after],  but he managed to pull though. His younger siblings brought back the things he loved about being younger, while his bond with Tomoe strengthened again as they were able to talk almost the same level now.
It didn't last long, though, since Tomoe had to move out for her undergraduate course in Tachikawa.

Summer before starting Tachikawa High
It had been decided by both him and his parents that he'd move to Tachikawa in order to receive an education that'd match his good grades. It also happened to be the place where Tomoe was studying, so he could start being a bit more of an independent man while still having a trusted person close.
That particular Summer carried an ocean of tears from his younger siblings, who'd spent more time with him rather than Tomow. He promised calling everyday by the time he had to leave, which seemed to ease the smaller ones' grief.
[ a d d i t i o n a l . i n f o ]
» The reason he enjoys taking pictures so much is because they serve as memories
» Has never been in a relationship before
» Smells like coconut
» Tends to get allergies in spring, but doesn't mind that much
» He's tried eating things that'd help him grow, but hasn't had any success
» Despite his phone being old-fashioned, it's got the same functions as any smartphone
» Has 4 cats back home, who he misses a lot
» Heavy sleeper, once he falls asleep its hard to bring him back
» Doesn't really know where his passions lay quite yet, and therefore is unsure about his future [which creates quite a bit of stress considering he's now in 3rd grade]
» When spacing out, he's most likely thinking of some series he's just watched
» Very dedicated to his studies, despite hating most subjects
» Loves his siblings despite not getting along with them sometimes
» Usually visits Tomoe during the weekends and has long conversations with her [though it usually ends up with her teasing him one way or another]
» Knows a bit of martial arts due to his parents giving him a few lessons when he was younger
» Has always gone to archery club-- his aim is not perfect, but its good
» Voice -> Still searching for it
[ q u o t e s ]
" ... Huh ? What ?-- You were talking to me ? "
" I'm sorry, I need to study right now. "
" When we look at the night sky, we might be seeing starts that are no longer there. It makes you think, doesn't it ? "
" I miss my cats. "
[ r e l a t i o n s h i p s ]
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